Molloy James Isenbergh - We're Here to Protect Your Real Estate Investments.


With the combined experience and expertise of Dan Molloy, Judy James and Eric Isenbergh, turnkey solutions can be provided for numerous aspects of property and real estate, acquisition and building, including:

Property Preservation:

  • Evaluate current status of land, including entitlements and permits to preserve value
  • Evaluate zoning and land use potential for maximum value
  • Evaluate ordinances affecting the property
  • Governmental authority communication and negotiation
  • Property workouts
  • Through trade partners, maintain property appearance and improvements
  • Through trade partners, complete land development to maintain permit status and maximize asset value and marketability
  • Through trade partners, complete vertical construction to maintain and/or increase asset value and marketability
  • Manage inherited vendors and hire new vendors if required
  • Through trade partners, market and promote properties
  • Minimize carry expenses
  • Obtain and/or sell impact fee credits
  • Analyze impact fee calculations and obtain reduced fees if warranted
  • Permitting processing and oversight
  • Mitigate code enforcement violations

CDD Analysis and Oversight:

  • Evaluation of operating expenses
  • Analysis of bond values
  • Timing of marketability
  • Workout of lien structure and inter-creditor agreements

Real Estate Tax Appeals:

  • Review real estate tax bills and challenge property appraiser’s value to be comparable with other like properties to lower tax bill
  • Greenbelt property if viable

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